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A clear contrast between gritty, and personal raps mixed with a very mellow, smooth style; giving it an uniquely melodic balance—there is truly nothing like it—you have to hear it to believe it. Jukie draws inspiration from various artists; Jay-Z, Gangstarr, Notorious B.I.G, and Michael Jackson—some of the usual suspects—but what's different about Jukie? He sounds like none of them! Growing up in the South Bronx as a 90s baby Junior “Young Jukie” Costor learned that it is important to have your own style no matter where your inspiration is drawn from. His style is displayed profusely on every track, through his beat production, mixing style, and of course—lyrical ability. Young Jukie’s goal as a Hip-Hop artist has always been to make the best music possible for the fans, but to also show fans that what we have grown to consider “typical Hip-Hop” is not the only kind of hip-hop that can be enjoyed. Exploring different elements of numerous genres such as Dub, R&B, soul, old school—making what he calls ‘Millennial Music’. Young Jukie creates his own lane in Hip-Hop showing fans—and non-fans—there is truly something special about Hip-Hop culture that anyone can enjoy.




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